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of live television before. usually, it is people in the background that don't realize they are live on the air. the young journalist in florida realizes the camera is on her. >> registration is open until friday. the uaa will notify the winners by monday, december 15g9 and vouchers can then be picked up from tuesday through thursday. now, students with more than 90 credit hours have the best chance of getting tickets. everyone is welcome to sign up. live from the "newsroom," kara minelli, wuft news then, we have picking your stories carefully. >> it is important you try to pick the bed bugs out of your home. when you stay in a hotel, you might want to us. >> a plastic bag like this one. >> just keep on picking. >> for those, people in the background, the news anchor himself or herself should always be aware of the camera. >> what? >> what? >> that hurts.
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>> a gentle reminder to all of us in the news business. when the light goes on, you are live on the air and the light is always on on "the ridicu list." >> erin brunette, out front next is president obama calling the shots or is hamid karzai. is the tea party dead and a man accused of murdering 12 people at a colorado movie theater is ordered to stand trial. his lawyers say he is mentally ill but does it add up? let's go out front. good evening, everyone. i'm erin brunette. out front, who is calling the shots, president obama or hamid karzai? obama's mixed messages as to when american troops might come home from the country's longest war in afghanistan raised more
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questions. here is what president obama said today after meeting with karzai in washington? >> we have already reduced our presence in afghanistan is to roughly 66,000 u.s. troops. our pledge will continue to bring our forces home at a steady pace and in the coming months, i'll announce the next phase of our drawdown, a responsible drawdown that protects the gains our troops have made. >> in the coming months, the decisions on troops is months away. let's just rewind one month. here is what defense secretary, leon panetta, said then. >> the size of that enduring presence is something that the president is going to be considering over these next few weeks. >> next few weeks, not months. he said that over a month ago. speaking about the troop count decision, secretary panetta told reporters, my hope is that we will be able to can complete this process in the next few weeks. two months ago it was weeks and
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four weeks after, it was weeks and now, it is months. good to see you both. roland, let me start with you. in a week where the question has been questioned for nominating chuck hagel for defense secretary, a man who was against the surge in afghanistan is four more defense cuts and written about avoiding wars, would it help the president to take a stronger stance on this? >> no. at the end of the day, you go through your evaluations. i talked to a three-star general that served in afghanistan that made it perfectly clear that these are delicate situations. you are still dealing with a country where we are trying to get the security forces up to bar. it could cost us about $30 billion a year. the president has to make an economic decision as well. if panetta is on his way out is saying, i want it done in weeks
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and the president is simply saying, i am going to take a few more months, i say, take your time, because you are dealing with the lives of american troops. >> that's a fair point. the clock is ticking. the united states says it is going to withdraw in 2014. it is not just delay on troop numbers that had us asking questions today. today, the question gave a reason for the delay. he said, i haven't got recommendations from the top commander in afghanistan. here is what the president said. >> i am going to be over the coming weeks getting recommendations from general allen and other commanders on the ground. >> a month ago when i spoke with secretary panetta in afghanistan, he agreed general a allen was responsible. he said the options were already ready at that time a month ago. here is secretary panetta. general allen having developed the campaign plan for afghanistan is the one who has
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could tom forward wi to come forward with the recommendations of what they will look like. he has prepared several options. >> "the new york times" and cnn have reported that those options were present td. allen presented three levels, the pentagon offered three alternatives and the white house deputy adviser commented on the number saying the number could possibly be zero. what more recommendations is the president waiting for? >> you will notice on that full screen we saw that john allen is talking about numbers in the range of 6 to 20,000. where as the president is talking about numberses from 3,000 to 9,000. that's a big, big gap. that translates into a really big difrpts in tference we have forced posture in afghanistan. that translates into having troops on two different bases and those bases are liable to be very far away from the province in eastern afghanistan. the whole presence is that we are going to help the afghan forces be able to stand up and
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do the fighting and prevent a taliban takeover. if we are not embedded, we are going to see a big flare-up of civil war. that might be what we have to do. maybe it is too expensive for us to be there. i don't think president obama is fully acknowledging the kind of choice we faced. that means we are not going to be able to have the presence. >> you could say that could be sanctioned by the white house but also by choosing chuck hagel as his next defense secretary. >> first of all, remember the numbers that are being presented by the pentagon are not necessarily what is coming from the white house. we can't simply make that assumption, because the jerrells have their plan. they can have his. you can have vice president biden. look, let's force people to go through the procedure and the
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process of, defend the numbers. why should we be at these levels? here is the other piecement we don't know how long the confirmation process is going to take. again, this might be the president simply saying, let's bring him on board. i want to see what his thoughts are as well. i go back to the most basic fundamental thing this year. we can say, get a decision in weeks, take time in months. we are dealing with human beings that have families, wives, husbands, children. the president should take as much time as possible. the last thing we want is a rushed decision is. >> another way of looking at it. when you are laying out a grand strategy, that poses dangers for our military presence and the afghan people. i understand where they are coming from. there are dangers in not having a clear strategy as well. it is a tradeoff. >> when it comes to the clear tension between karzai and
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obama, sort of who is in charge here. it is crucial to the united states. when we weren't given immunity in iraq, the united states withdrew completely. since then, al qaeda violence has risen. what's he doing when he says, i'll go to the afghan people and i'll put forth your immunity question? he has known this is crucial for a very long time. him saying that today, what's he saying to the president? >> well, what he is saying is that he is being -- the perception on the american side is that he is being slippery as he so often is. the perception is that hamid karzai's government has a tremendous amount of corruption and not a tremendous amount of legitimacy with the american people. that has made him a very weak partner. he is a terrible partner for the americans to work with.
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a lot of americans are saying, we have to throw up our hands. we don't have a reliable partner in kabul. >> it is very simple. he is still the president of that country. we have to work with what we have. also, the administration officials say in that meeting, there were a number of things they asked of karzai that he actually agreed to. the whole notion of whose in charge, the bottom line is, the president of the united states, we can try to dictate as much as we want to but you still have a sitting president in afghanistan who we have to deal with and so you take the good with the bad. you take the bumps with but also the great opportunities. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. still to come, losing support and money. is the tea party about to implode? plus, a bio terror expert tells us america is due for a flu pandemic and is not ready for it. >> one of britain's biggest tv stars committed more than 200 sex crimes. ♪
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>> our second story out front, is the tea party dead? it has been a rough few months. losing a battle over the fiscal cliff and one tea party leader admitting, quote, there is not enough money. eric ericson, editor of the conservative blog, red and influential republican and amy chamber, chair woman of tea party express. >> you and i have talked a lot over the last year plus. here we are, politico reporting that the tea party is struggling for money and asking all kinds of groups that it hasn't always considered to be a friend, american majority, club for growth and the koch brothers
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linked americans for prosperity linking all of them for money. are they going to have to xr compromise their principles to survive? if you look back to 2010 when they drove the messaging, we won. we had huge victories across the country. when you look at 2012 and the republican party driving the messaging in a presidential election cycle, we lost. not only conservatives but moderates as well. i think we need to go back to a that message of fiscal responsibility. the american people want fiscal responsibility. they want washington to live within their means just like small businesses and american families and organizations have to every single day. that's our message that wins. we are still here. >> i have something you said to me a year ago on a plane. your comment about the tea party being in disarray. as you are well aware in 2010,
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you seemed at least from who you supported to be a little bit different. joe miller of ab alaska, i tota have a man crush on this dude. you said, we did exactly what we set out to do, crush the establishment-backed gop candidate. are you being a little bit of a fair weather friend? it is all right if you are. i am just wondering. >> it is interesting how the media lies to portray these situations. i'm a big supporter of the tea party. i think given the finances and situations, there are a lot of people on the outside who it is time for them to come to the inside. they can't stand on the inside of the gop and say, we can go third party. they need to get involved in the party and continue doing what they are doing. remember, the republicans aren't their friends any more than the
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democrats are. >> you are going to make sure. you keep acting that way. you will end up never getting another republican in the white house. is your party going to be split? >> no. i don't think that's true at all. i think the tea party can rally around people and they will in some cases have to xrcompromiseo find the candidate they want. you have two big government parties in washington. neither party is serious about cutting spending. the tea party needs to go after republicans that say they are in favor of the government but actually grow government. >> let me ask you in october of 2011. i asked you, if the tea party was really just defined by spending cuts. at that time, it appeared that it was. i want to play exactly how you responded to that question. here you are then. >> if you taxed all the rich in this country, all of their money, it is not enough to pay for everybody. at some point, you have to cut
8:17 pm
the spending. that's what we want washington to do. we are absolutely driving that debate. >> you know what, amy, you were driving that debate. a lot of the spending cuts, i think, i've heard democrats and republicans say that credit has to go to the tea party. now, it appears things have changed. the fiscal cliff deal supported by republicans was an increase in taxes. that's what it was. what happened to driving the debate? >> the thing is, erin, we are still driving the debate. before the tea party movement was here, no one was talking about spending cuts. everybody was just going about washington business as usual. we have absolutely driven that debate. we are going to have another debt ceiling debate. at the end of the day, we have to reign in the spending. we have $16 trillion in debt. most people cannot fathom how many $1 million is, let alone $1
8:18 pm
trillion. when we are spending $1.4 trillion to $1.6 trillion, it is a real issue that needs to be dealt with. the bottom line is, these people are going to washington. they are being elected by we the people. they work for us. they are going to washington and they are not doing their job. this fiscal cliff deal, they had three to six minutes to read the bill before they actually voted on it. that is not acceptable. it's not about party politics. erin is right. there is a problem. the tea party movement was born out of frustration with both political parties but specially the republican party. i would say that we're the threat to the republican party. a great, great true fiscal conservative, a constitutionalist, who was just elected a senator from the state
8:19 pm
of texas, just put in as the vice chairman of the nrc. that is a victory for us. the only way we are going to change it is to change it from within. we can't change it from the outsigh. >> amy, fair point. you have ted cruz and john boehner and the rest of the republicans that voted for that fiscal cliff deal, paul ryan. those guys repudiated that. that was a big blow. there is no other way to put it. >> no, i don't necessarily would agree with your characterization. paul ryan and john boehner and the leadership did. plan "b" died as a result of tea party-backed members of congress. some of the guys are already back pedalling. aaron shock from illinois
8:20 pm
sending out lawyers saying it is a lie to say he voted for a tax increase. they will hold him accountable. our third story out front. the dreamliner nightmare. today, the federal aviation administration announced an investigation into boeing 787 dreamliner after a week of some really high-profile problems, including a fire and fuel leak and electrical failure. the dreamliner is boeing's latest jet. the news of the probe sent the company's price down 2 1/2%. sandra indoe with a look at what's gone so wrong. >> reporter: boeing's dreamliner was for years just that, a plane made of plastic, a fuel sipper with huge windows, big seats, the plane of the future. >> it was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. >> a totally new plane run almost entirely by electronics
8:21 pm
didn't just push the limits and change aviation but created a whole new learning curve for the industry. it was delayed and struggled from day one. the first dreamliner delivered to nippon airways in 2011 was three years behind schedule. the 787's maiden flight was touted in 2007. but after four years of troubling delays, its first flight finally took off on an overcast day in seattle. at first, airlines fell in love. 57 companies ordered the dreamliner at a cost of more than $200 million each. but the plane is struggling. just this week, a fire, a fuel leak, an electrical malfunction and a cracked cockpit window were found on different dream liners. the faa is now reviewing the plane certification. >> there is no common denominator between any of the incidents. it is a bit unusual that they would take such a drastic step
8:22 pm
but i am glad they have, because the traveling public needs to be reassured that the airplane is, in fact, safe. >> the dreamliner was supposed to cement america's dom naps of the skies forever. >> they all have their teething pains. this one here, they seem to be coming all at once. >> boeing is used to winning. it is america's biggest exporter. in many ways, america's most important company. a symbol of national pride. with a federal review of its plane, the future of boeing's signature aircraft is in jeopardy. erin? >> thanks very much to sandra. prosecutors say a tv host prayed on hundreds of victims, children. the man who allegedly massacred moviegoers in colorado. his lawyers say he is mentally ill. that could mean one day he is walking free. >> i'm a little passion nat about this. i don't want to see this guy get out on the streets because my son is already dead. 1-800-345-20
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? welcome back to the second half of "out front." we begin with the center of disease control which says that the spread of flu appears to have slowed. 21 states and new york city reported high levels of activity last week, down from 29 states the prior week. officials say they won't know for weeks if flu activity has peeked. an outbreak as serious as the flu of 1918 in which 15 million
8:27 pm
people were killed worldwide is not out of the question. he warns the united states is not prepared for that. for years, king abdullah has vowed to have rights of women. he has appointed 30 women to the top advisory body. isabelle coleman tells "out front" some people will dismiss abdel-elah abdullah's move, you will see something more substantial for women's progress developing another high-profile woman has left the west wing, the deputy white house chief of staff says she will leave after the inauguration to join the brookings institution. there has been a whole lot of talk about diversity in president obama's cabinet. we showed you this photo on
8:28 pm
wednesday. the president meeting with his staff. you will see one of the three women in the photo, sitting on the couch to the right. louisiana governor, bobby jindal says he will pose a new piece of gun legislation focusing on mental health. the national instant criminal background check system is supposed to help potential gun buyers with criminal backgrounds or severe mental health illnesses from buying a gun. fewer than 20 states have laws that require them to report mental health eligiblity to the states. he says it is a common sense way to protect our kids, families and loved ones. it has been 526 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? one area where we have seen big recovery is the auto industry, specifically for the one that
8:29 pm
didn't need a bailout. they are going to hire more than 2000 soured employees in america today. the insanity defense. a colorado judge has ruled there is enough evidence for 25-year-old james holmes to face trial for killing 12 and wounding 58 in the july 20th massacre at an aurora, colorado movie theater. the question tonight, will the former neuroscience grad enter an insanity plea. the judge delayed today's arraignment until march. he did that to give the defense more time to consider the evidence. tom teague, his son, alex, was killed in the shooting. he jumped in front of his girlfriend saving her life. he was killed. his father, tom was at the preliminary hearing in colorado this week. right before the show, i asked him what it was like to sit in the same room at james holmes. >> he murdered my son. as long as he stays locked up, i'll be fine. if he doesn't, i don't think he has any right to ever walk the
8:30 pm
streets. that's for sure. >> now, the way the courtroom was divided, at least as i understand it, the press couldn't see james holmes this week but you could. what did he look like? how did he react to things? >> he has absolutely no interest or compassion for human beings but he really, really digs guns. he really, really digs all the bombs he made. the one human being he really dug, he was delighted when he saw the pictures of himself on the cell phone. the individual is evil. he is not crazy. >> you are saying he did react when they showed the pictures on the cell phones, the picture of himself. >> without question. i never took my eyes off of him, to see some of the evidence, you had to stay after court and have them reshow it to me. i had no interest in the evidence. i wanted to see his reactions. he is a very, very intelligent person. if you read through the evidence, just what he did in his apartment took months and months of planning. you and i couldn't do it.
8:31 pm
at one point, he created a compound that's very, very explosive. i think getting aluminum and iron rods and shaving them down and then making the iron rust and then mixing that together. whenever he saw any of that, you could see the reaction in his face. a couple times when he saw himself even his lips smiled but people's eyes smile before their lips. when the 911 calls came on, it was almost like he could have cared less because people aren't real things to him. he is just evil. he is not crazy. you don't take that much time planning that much diversion to plan that. if you are crazy, you grab a gun and go into a mall and shoot people because you don't think it is wrong. >> did he make eye contact with any of you? >> no. that's part of his schtick.
8:32 pm
his attorney and him get along. it is kind of sad for me. they are laughing at the bench, the attorneys with him. he looked at his attorney once and caught my eye and quickly turned his head and went the other way. i sat in a spot where i could see him the whole time. i had every intention of not ever losing my gaze. >> the judge ruled today, of course, that there is enough evidence for him to stand trial. the defense could try to show that he is in sane and not mentally fit to stand trial. clearly, you don't agree with that. >> absolutely not. if you are in sane, you don't think what you are doing is wrong. if you don't think what you are doing is wrong, then you don't have any need to create a diversion that will keep the first responders from stopping you and/or capturing you. one of the things that they put in there is that he had on his dating site, because he had two dating sites that said, come
8:33 pm
visit me in jail. if you don't think it is wrong, you probably don't think you are going to jail. >> this has to be hard for you. i know you are catholic and i know that's important to you. how have you come to terms with the possibility of the death penalty here? >> it is a struggle, to be honest with you. but i don't want that man on the street going out and killing your child. because he will do it again when they talked about the people, he could have cared less. they were objects to him. the guns and the explosives were living things. >> if you had a chance -- >> the only person he knows is himself. sorry. >> if you had a chance to talk to him, to have a direct conversation at this point, i'm sure you have thought a lot about this, what would you say to him? >> i have no interest in speaking to him. my interest is to put him either in a cell for the rest of his
8:34 pm
life or someone to exterminate him. >> thank you very much for taking the time. you are in our thoughts for the tragedy that has happened to your life and your family. >> i appreciate it. >> i want to bring gerald boil into the conversation. he argued and lost the insanity defense on behalf of serial killer, jeffrey daul mer. >> you just heard tom teves. what does the defense need to show if they can prove james holmes is insane? >> first of all, it will be very difficult to prove that. the only thing you can look at is if you have first-rate doctors that come aboard and say somebody was insane at the time of the commission of an offense, you might have a chance. they are not going to find that in this case. nobody credible.
8:35 pm
even if the defense comes up with doctors, you can be assured that the state and in the state, wisconsin, where i am, the court appoints impartial doctors, they call it. he is absolutely right. there is too much planning on this one. i think the lawyers are going to have a tough time. let me make it clear. a lawyer doesn't have a vote on it. he has got to represent the person. if he thinks there is a mental illness, then he has to go forward with it. it just isn't something lawyers can turn their back on, because that's not what the law requires. >> at the preliminary hearing, you talk about this evidence of planning. obviously, tom teves was talking about that too. there were photos on his phone he had taken days, weebs before the actual killing, wires, firework shells, bomb making
8:36 pm
materials. he had bought tear gas materials on the internet. to the lay person, if part of the definition of insanity is that you don't know right from wrong, if you have gone into the planning and hidden it, that you clearly did know right from wrong. am i oversimplifying this? >> no, you are not at all, erin. that's going to be the major hurdle that the defense would have and dalmer, the state successfully argued that, that he killed 15 people. he planned every one of then. he went out and found them in different places. he brought them back to his apartment. he had the drink ready to cause them to become unconscious. he had everything figured out. the thing with dahlmer, as time progressed, it was clear he was going into a psychotic state. there was no question about it. just his conduct showed it. with this man, whatever you want to call him, in colorado, he had
8:37 pm
no such background. he just, i think, showed that he was evil. he just had a plan to commit an evil act. that's the thing that people don't understand. holmes, this guy will never walk the streets again, no matter what. if he is found to be insane, he will be in a hospital. they will never certify him to be able to walk the streets again. >> if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity and the state can't prove that he is sane, he would get evaluated every six months in a mental institution. at one point, if they say he is better, he could walk. you are saying there is no way they would ever do it. >> i've been here doing this stuff for 50 years, both as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. i have never seen anybody who is found insane who has a right to have a hearing every six months ever get out. they just don't let them out. >> one final question. during the interrogation, they were saying that when he was first found outside the movie theater, he was set to be making pickup pets with paper bags and placed over his hands, some of
8:38 pm
the victims have said this was staged. you've done this. you dealt with jeffrey dahmer. can you fake mental illness to the extent you can ever be ruled insane at a trial. >> many have tried. nobody has succeeded. they know when they are trying to fake it. lawyers have catch them. i've caught them lying trying to fake a mental illness. there are people that seriously are mentally ill and don't know what they are doing when they do something bizarre and those people should be treated in a mental prison mental hospital. they shouldn't be -- they will never be freed. if we can cure them, we cure them. nobody who has done that type of thing that this fellow did is ever going to see daylight. it is not going to p ha. all the judge will hear is from one doctor that says he is still
8:39 pm
a threat to others, that will be it. nobody is going to say this guy is not going to be a threat to others. i don't think he will ever see daylight again. >> thank you very much, jerry, for taking the time to share that with us tonight. certainly, something that victims and victims families would feel incredibly relieved to hear from him. out front next, police say one of britain's biggest tv stars committed more than 200 sex crimes during his lifetime and many ohis victims were very young children. almost a year since a cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy. the ship remains as a ghost wreck. the industry safety stan dar haven't improved. now, for the investigation.
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we're back with tonight's outer circle. we follow a developing story, mali. the pentagon is considering getting involved in the fight to push insurgents out. today, they launched air strikes. in july, we spent time in mali with refugees. nearly half a million malians have fled. tonight, they have 1ed thretake town. i asked how desperate mali is for outside help. >> reporter: they requested emergency assistance from france after the fall of their
8:44 pm
strategic northern city. they are pushing towards the capital and it is clear that the malian government would not have made this plea if the country were not in dire straights. on friday, the french president responded saying they were sporting malian units to oust the mill tanlts. the french minister said france had conducted air strikes against rebel forces. they were scheduled to send 3,000 soldiers to the country in september. it looks like it requires something much more urgent tonight, detectives are calling the sex abuse scandal involving one of britain's biggest television stars. jimmy savile, who died in 2011, committed more than 200 sex crimes, many of his victims were children and teenagers. a report that has sparked outrage around the world.
8:45 pm
for decades, he was the face of children's television in britain. a tireless charity fund-raiser and friend to the country's elite. but after a 14-week investigation, the british police say it was all a veil behind which jimmy sa vil carried out decades of abuse. >> he exploited his celebrity status and traded on the currency of celebrity to get himself almost unprecedented access to our institutions, to our hospitals, to our schools and there he took advantage of the most vulnerable in society, adults and children, although sadly primarily children and for his own sexual grassfy kags, abused them. >> figures revealed by the new police report show how prolific an offender he really was. over a period spanning more than half a century, police say they have received 450 complaints about him. 214 cases of which have been
8:46 pm
formally included as abuse, including 34 rapes. the report says 73% of the victims were children at the time of the abuse but that those abused ranged in age from just eight years old to 47. it was with popular kids shows like jim will fix it that established him as the leading british children's entertainers. the number of children who have appeared on the show have since complained of abuse. what at the time may have seemed like innocent fun on the set of top of the pops, a leading bbc music show also hosted by savel now appears deeply disturbing. this whole sorted affair according to police here at scotland yard underlines the tragic consequences of when power and vulnerability collide. victims were silenced for decades because of fear, shame
8:47 pm
and the sleer celebriheer celeb offender. mayor may have been a positive impact. so many victims have spoken out about their ordeal support groups say it may have fundamentally changed the way britain deals with abuse. >> it does send out a clear signal that victims don't need to remain silent any longer. i think that will make people who are contemplating abusing children or others think twice, because no longer are we going to keep quiet about this. we are going to speak out and go to the authorities and the authorities are telling us that they are going to take firm action. in the past, your quite right, most of us have taken this issue seriously. actually, society generally hasn't and hasn't done enough to prosecute offenders and bring people. >> if only attitudes had been different in past decades, say police, a sex offender like him hidden in plain sight could have been brought to justice. matthew chance, cnn london.
8:48 pm
it has been nearly a year since the luxury cruise liner ran aground off the italian coast. nearly three dozen people were killed. the captain could be indicted for his role in the chaos. have industry-wide safety procedures gotten better in the wake of the january 13th disaster? miguel marquez is out front with that story. >> reporter: a world turned upside down. a luxury cruise liner strikes a massive rock. it shutters to a stop, begins listing heavily and then starts to sink. >> the fear was terrifying to a point. specially what really terrified us is when panic started. >> reporter: dean and georgia and their two daughters were among the 4200 passengers and crew on board the costa concord
8:49 pm
ya. 32 people died that night, the ananias family waiting over five hours for rescue said their good-byes thinking they too would perish. the captain failed to order abandoned ship in a timely manner. >> everybody wanted to get on the life boats. i guarantee, everybody would have survived. >> reporter: while changes to procedures and technology have been made to the cruise line and across the industry, some say it is not enough. standards of employment, training and evaluation of cruise line staffs at all levels can be better and be made more consist sten. any day now, an italian prosecutor is expected to request that nine concordia officers and crew face criminal charges. it is a fixture on the landscape. it looks like a surreal manned
8:50 pm
made island. the cruise line hopes to raise and remove the ship this summer. >> miguel is with me now. sips the disaster, what sort of things have changed for the industry. you look the atechnology, anything to make it safer. >> they have put more gps into their ship. that was one problem industrywide. there have been ten different things implemented, more life vests in public area to tying down of heavy objects and doing those emergency demonstration drills before the ship leaves port. there are more reports to come from agencies. so we may see more changes to the industry ahead. what about the company. when you talk about that they have made some specific changes on the gps. the company that owns the costa concordia. i was trying to remember an ad. how has this affected their
8:51 pm
business? >> carnival owns the u.s. and london-based company owns the costa line, the cruise line. that company was hit very hard. the ceo said it was the worst year they had coming out of that tragedy. they are starting to turn around. they lost a lot of money. they cut prices for cruises in that first year. the last quarter of this is la the year, they made about $100 million. they came out of the red into the black finally. it looks like they are turning things around. the cost for carnival cruises are still lower than other cruises. they are still feeling the effects of the costa concordia. all signs are they are moving ahead. their stock prices have gained since the disaster. >> so many people taking cruises. they want to know specifics that there have been changes. lifeless, ghastly, rotten are some of the frankly nasty
8:52 pm
and derogatory words being hurled at kate middleton. how is that so, you ask? well, of course, we are going to tell you next. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science.
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kate middleton is the most popular member of the royal family. it does not surprise you. her fans love creating tributes to her. we have seen portraits pop up in galleries on buildings. that is someone's arm.
8:56 pm
that is really twisted. those teeth need a little whitening. that's what people have done. she has never had an official portrait until right now. artist, paul emsly, was commissioned to create a portrait of the dutchess and today it was unveiled at the national portrait gallery. we are going to give you a close look. there it is. what do you think? do you like the picture? if you do, you are in the minority. today, the press slammed the painting saying it makes her look lifeless, dull, ghastly, even busted. thanks, british press. aren't you supposed to love her and not say nasty things? how did the royal family let this happen. did kate sign off on the picture. kate seems to enjoy art. she has been spotted at galleries. maybe she realizes some portraits aren't about looking perfect like the mona lisa. today, we reached out to dennis jeronimas and he told us that portrait commissions are products of an exchange between patron and painter.
8:57 pm
kate and her advisers would have been familiar with and admired paul emsly's very realistic style before he was hired. it might have been what she had in mind. no one looks perfect like those air brushed magazine covers. their faces are not perfectly smoothed. their eyes have bags. all those imperfections get lined. kate happens to look great without being air brushed and she is doing us all a service by being confident in her real skin. let us know what you think. have a wonderful weekend. piers morgan tonight is next. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people
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